Friday, October 30, 2015

Unit 5: Fall into Fall

We are continuing learning about fall, pumpkins, and fall harvest.  This week we went to the school wide pumpkin patch.  Students loved pick the pumpkin that was just right for them.

Can you tell we were excited to pick our pumpkins?

Big? Small? Oh so many pumpkins to choose from.

We found our pumpkins.

We picked a good bunch of pumpkins.  During the week we measured the circumference of our pumpkins with unifix cubes, counting bears, and tiles.  Students did an excellent job measuring and counting.

With the weather getting cooler in temperature and learning about fall, Curiosity had to start wearing a jacket.

We ended our week with our school's costume parade in celebration for Halloween.  We also earned all of our paw points for a celebration. Thank you families who came to take photos and bring in treats for our celebration.

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