Thursday, October 22, 2015

Unit 4 Faces and Places in Our Community

These past two weeks we have been learning about communities and people who work in communities.  This week I have been able to see huge growth in the students academically and social and emotionally.

This week when students wrote their plans for Plan & Play, majority of students began trying to write the word of their play area. 

Students created their own restaurants.

Students used roads, buildings, vehicles,and little people to create their own community. One student used the road to create the letter "u" (which is our letter this week).

Students took on community helper roles while using puppets. This last week of the unit students put on puppet shows for each other.  They were great puppeteers and audience.

We also learned about maps and how maps change over time. Students used the car rug as a map while creating their own scenarios Witt the wooden cars and signs.

We learned about the letter "c" and the letter "u." Students love finding the letters we have learned in print and writing the letters on their own.

During centers students worked with each other with puzzle pieces to make a a fire engine.

This week we learned about the letter "u." We sorted pictures by sound and drew pictures that began with /u/. 

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