Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Unit 6: Market to Market

This unit has been fun for us in our classroom.
In math we practiced measuring objects in our classroom. We worked with our partners to measure the leg of a chair.

The students then wanted us to work together to measure our rug. We got out the cubes and they lined up the cubes around the rug.  Our principal came in to watch and helped me count the cubes on one side.

The last thing the students measured was the width of their tables.

Here are our results:

We learned about the letter V and B during this unit.

During Plan & Play students played different activities with food. The first group that played at the grocery store organized our dramatic play area.

We made turkeys to prepare for Thanksgiving. The turkeys are too cute!

We have been learning about ingredients and recipes. We made butter in class. The students had so much fun and love the butter they made.

We had an assembly for perfect attendance and no tar dies for the first trimester. Great job students and parents!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Unit 5: Fall Into Fall

We are ending unit 5 this Friday. These past couple days we have learned about apples.  Also we are playing one-on-one learning games to prepare for report cards /parent-teacher conferences.

Last week we learned about the letter Yy.

 We practiced out fine motor skills by cutting on the ones and making pumpkin puzzle pieces to glue together.

Students used their creativity to create stain glass pumpkins. They look beautiful with the light shining through them.

Students illustrated how pumpkins grow, as well as putting the pictures in order.  We measured our pumpkins that we picked at the school pumpkin patch. We used unifix cubes, counting bears, and tiles to measure the circumference of our pumpkins. Also, students law what the insides of a pumpkin look like. They cut out a pumpkin, drew the pulp, and glued on real pumpkin seeds to create the inside of a pumpkin.

This week we learned about apples and what you can make using apples.  Students used their five senses to describe apples.  All students enjoyed tasting a slice of apple.